1941 Early 47 Chevy Truck Cab Only Bedless Body Bolt Kit


Every Body Kit includes component kits for Front Bumper, Door Hinges, Door Latch and Catch Fender to Firewall Brace Rods, Front and Inner Fenders, Grill and Gravel Pan, Headlight and Parking Lens, Hood Hinges, Hood Latch, Catch and Braces, Interior, Outside Mirror, Radiator Support, and Regulator and Relay.

Body kits with a bed also include kits for: Bed Mounts, Bed Strips, Front Bed Panel, Rear Fenders, Rear Bed Crossmember, Running Boards Tail Lights and Rear Posts and Tailgate Mounting.


Bedless Body Kits

Button/Socket Head                T6-9750       $147.00

Hex Head and Slotted Head     T6-9751       $158.00