1955 - 1971 CJ5 & CJ6 Body Bolt Kit



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Body Kit- Body Kits include one of each component kit, including: Antenna Mount (73-86), Back Cab Panel (CJ8), Battery Box/Firewall, Body Mount (including big body mount washers!), Front Bumper, Cowl Vent, Dash, Door Handles, Window Cranks, Door Latches, Strikers, Limiter Strap Bracket, Interior Door Handles (CJ Hardtops), Fenders (does both), Fender Flares (1976-86 CJ's and Wrangler), Front Seat Mounts, Fuel Filler (1976-86 CJ's and Wrangler), Gas Pedal and SteeringColumn (1976-86  CJ's and Wrangler), Glove Box (55-71), Hard To Fastener (CJ7, Scrambler, Wrangler), Headlight/Turn Signals, Under Hood Brace Rods, Hood Hinges, Hood Hold Down, Hood Latch and Support Rod, Horn, Overflow Tank and Washer Tank (1972-86 CJ's and Wrangler, includes Jack mount), Jack Bracket (1976-86 CJs), Master Cylinder and Hydraulic Clutch Cyclinder (1972-86 CJs), Mirrors (does 2 door mirrors; all but 87-93 full steel doors on Wrangler), Radiator Mount, Rear Bumper (1976-86 CJs), Soft Top Frame (Wrangler), Steering Column Mount, Spare Tire Carrier, Tail Lights (1976-86 CJ's and Wrangler), Tailgate Hinges (CJs), Transmission Cover, Visor (does both Hardtop and Wrangler), Windshield and Door Hinges (1976-86 Cjs and Wrangler), Windshield Hinges (does both; 1955-86 CJs), Windshield Hold Down Bracket (CJs), Windshield Washer Jets (Wrangler), and Windshield Latch (does both)!