1955 Cadillac Body Bolt Kit


1955 Cadillac Bumper to Bumper Body Bolt Kit

Body Bolt Kit

This Cadillac Body Bolt Kit contains faster component kits for Body Mounting, Bumpers & Brackets, Door Hinges, door Jambs (Latches, Strikers & Door Sills), Firewall, Front Sheet Metal,  Grill & Headlights, Hood Hinges, Hood Latch & Catch, Hood Moldings & Ornaments, Interior Trim Screws, Radiator Support and Horn, Rear Panels and Quarter Molding Screws, Tail Light Screws, Trunk Hinges, Trunk Latch & Catch, and Vent Window Screws.


T6-6649 Convertible - Button & Flat Socket Head

T6-6651 Convertible - Indented Hex, Hex & Phillips Head - 1090 Pieces

T6-6652 Sedan - Button & Flat Socket Head

T6-6654 Sedan - Indented Hex, Hex & Phillips Head