1970 - 1972 Chevy Corvette Body Bolt Kit



Kits for 1970-1972 Chevy Corvette Body Bolt Kit


Body Kit- Every Body Kit includes component kits for Brake, Fuel and Emergency Brake Lines, Cowl Vent/Wiper Cover, Door Hinges, Door Jambs, Firewall (misc,), Firewall Access Cover, Front Air Spoiler, Front Bumper and Mount, Front License Plate and Brackets, Gas Tank Mount, Grill and Front Turn Signals, Headlights, Heater/AC Box, Hood Hinges and Brace, Hood Latches and Catches, Inner Fender Shields,Tanks, Interior, Nose Reinforcing Braces, Radiator Support and Shroud, Rear Bumper, Rear License and Bracket, Roll Pan, Seat Mount and Trim, Tail Light, and Wiper Linkage, etc.


Button Head and Flat Socket          t6-4755      $354.00

Original Style- Indented Hex          t6-4703      $437.05